Strategic Plan/CSIP 2026

Strategic Plan 2021-2026
CSIP 2026


We are determined to be the best model of student success, whose graduates are prepared to excel in a complex world.


Every student, every day.


  1. A meaningful education can be achieved for all students.

  2. All students belong in an environment where the overall culture and climate are collaborative, safe, and inclusive.

  3. Creative and innovative educational opportunities are necessary to prepare students for their future.

  4. Developing the skills of our team members will have a positive impact on student success.

  5. Open and honest communication promotes student achievement and community pride.

  6. Having families and the community engaged with our schools makes us more effective.


Effective Teaching and Personalized Learning

We will provide a personalized learning experience to prepare each student for the future.

Competency-Based Learning Objectives

  1. Learning targets will be transparent to students and families. Students will know what they have learned, what they are currently learning, and what they will learn next.

  2. Students will have access to multiple tiers of intervention to ensure academic success (competency), in addition to strong core instruction provided to all students.

  3. Students will produce evidence to demonstrate their learning. Grades and marks will be reflective of learning.

 Flexible Learning Environment Objectives

  1. Students will have access to learning anytime and anywhere, using technology devices and virtual learning options where appropriate.

  2. Classrooms and schools will be equipped to accommodate a variety of individual needs.

Additional Objectives

  1. Maintain class sizes consistent with district standards.

  2. Provide professional learning for individual/differentiated instruction and data-driven decision-making.

  3. Develop and incorporate career pathways for middle and high school students.

  4. Develop board-approved viable and inclusive curriculum in each content area.


Collaborative, Safe, and Inclusive Environment

We will provide a learning environment that is collaborative, safe, and inclusive.

  1. Increased emphasis on Social Emotional Learning across all grade levels.

  2. Improve mental health support for students through the addition of school counselors and/or other supportive roles or measures.

  3. Teach the skills needed to improve inclusion, belonging, and collaboration among students, including conflict resolution.

  4. Provide diversity training for team members and programs to help students learn about diversity.

“Inclusive” defined - the inherent right of every student to belong, to be equal in the eyes of our school community, and to have the same opportunities.

  • We recognize and value student differences.

  • We wish to foster a sense of belonging in each student.

  • We view inclusive education as a process to reduce barriers to learning and to ensure the right to education for all, regardless of individual differences.

Equipped and Supported Team Members

We will equip and support our team members to ensure student success.

  1. Attract and retain teachers with pay and benefits commensurate (in the top half) with other high-quality KC metro school districts.

  2. Provide high-quality training (professional learning).

  3. Expand instructional leadership opportunities in our schools and district.

Engaged Families and Community

We will increase family and community engagement in our schools and district.

  1. Increase opportunities for in-school family involvement.

  2. Improve reporting of student progress for parents/guardians.

  3. Provide support for families on topics of interest, such as student progress reporting and standards-based grading.

  4. Increase school partnerships with businesses and faith-based groups.

  5. Provide a centralized volunteer pathway for those wanting to volunteer in our schools.

  6. Establish a welcome program for new families.

  7. Revise the District Communications Plan to reflect the latest input from stakeholders.

Annual Priorities for 2022-2023

  1. As a part of efforts to improve early literacy instruction, by May 2023, all elementary teachers will complete foundational training in the Science of Reading.
  2. By May 2023, secondary counselors with input from the district's Counseling Advisory Council, will establish a process for individual career and academic plans.
  3. By November 2022, the Board will review enrollment numbers and growth at all elementary schools, and determine the next course of action to address growth at Prairie Branch Elementary.
  4. As a part of the district's goal to integrate critical thinking skills into instruction, teachers will receive training in integrating critical thinking and administrators will evaluate the effectiveness of instructional strategies through classroom observation throughout the year.
  5. Responding to community input, the district will develop instruction in conflict resolution for all students in grades K-12.
  6. In response to feedback from teachers as well as student and parent feedback from CESO listening sessions and focus groups regarding the need to address the use of derogatory comments among students, common language and expectations at each grade level have been set. The district will measure by May 2023, teacher perceptual survey data to see if the satisfaction level has increased among teachers in terms of their ability to effectively address negative behavior and the amount of support provided by administration and other district personnel.
  7. The district will develop a budget plan by May 2023 to address the improvement of pay and/or benefits for teachers and staff to be competitive with metro districts.
  8. We will provide high-quality professional development for staff in the areas of Science of Reading, critical thinking, and addressing student behavior.
  9. The district will create a welcome program for each grade span (K-5, 6-8, 9-12) to formalize how new families are welcomed to the district.
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