Teacher Grant Application

Student Success Innovation and Incubator Funds Guidelines

The goal of the Foundation is to fund projects that will have growth potential, either within the school, subject matter or across the district. We want to provide applicants the opportunity to “test, prove and scale” their initiatives and ideas with these seed funds. The purpose is to promote ideas that will ultimately improve student achievement by providing something of real value to students and educators.

After questioning many past grant winners and consulting with other area education foundations in trying to select the best methods from each, we will begin a new cycle of grants with the following parameters -

  • The Foundation will budget a total of $10,000 for grants during the 2020-21 school year
  • Applications may be made at any time until the budgeted funds are exhausted; depending on economic conditions, a second round of funding may occur in the spring
  • Submitted applications will be reviewed once a month; a decision will be made on each, and the funds transferred to the building's account for that applicant 2-3 weeks after the award decision
  • For all projects, especially those requiring more than $1,000, the applicant is encouraged to seek and list the additional funding from sources such as -
    • Possible building funds (Activity, Pd, PTA, other?)
    • Outside grant sources (the Foundation may be able to assist with this)
    • For example, a $2,000 project might be funded by -
      • $350 from the building's activity fund
      • $650 from the building's PTA
      • $1,000 from the Education Foundation
    • Applications that utilize multiple revenue sources will be given favorable consideration
    • The hope is to build coalitions/partnerships that will enable successes that would be difficult or impossible from only one revenue source

Student Success Innovation & Incubator Grant Instructions

Explanation of Program

The Grants are offered through the Grain Valley Education Foundation. The goal of the Foundation is to fund projects that will have growth potential in your grade level, department or school. The number of awards will be determined by a review of the applications and the funds available. $10,000 has been budgeted for the 2020-21 school year; depending on economic conditions, another round of funding may occur in the spring.

Eligibility for Program

All staff with instructional contact with the students may apply for the grants. All are eligible to apply even if they previously received a grant. Grants are intended to fund the purchase of materials and/or equipment or expenses associated with the development or improvement of programs within the School District. If funded, any equipment or materials purchased with grant funds become the property of the School District and cannot be used outside the District without permission.
Directions for Application:  There are three items needed for your application:
  • Grant Information & Instructions (this sheet)
  • An email of support from the building principal to [email protected] must show that the building
    principal approves of the project; no grant will be funded without this confirmation of support
  • Application Form; to be filled out online and emailed to the Foundation
  1. FIRST: Discuss the proposed project with your building principal; ask that your principal send an email of support to [email protected]; the email must be sent by the building principal as an indication of their awareness and support of the project for the application to be considered.
  2. Complete the application form online and keep saving your work; be concise and specific; the form has specific character/word limitations; responses must fit within the text boxes.
  3. Scan and attach any supporting documents, such as budgets, quotations or supporting documents.
  4. When finished, email the application (and any attachments) to [email protected]. All applications must be emailed. This will enable the grant reviewers to access your application electronically. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.
  5. Applications may be submitted at any time until the budgeted funds are exhausted; they will be reviewed monthly, and the funds will be awarded 2-3 weeks following the decision.
  6. NOTE: Technology equipment/software requests must be approved by Technology prior to submission.
  7. Points are awarded for the levels of collaboration on the project, including other staff and/or multiplesources of funds to support the project.
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