Communications Plan - Goals

The Grain Valley Schools Comprehensive Communication Plan aligns with the district's Strategic Plan (CSIP 2021). Goals for the Comprehensive Communication Plan are developed annually based on the district CSIP and evaluation of the previous year.

CSIP 2021 Community Relations Goal: We will increase family and community involvement in our schools and district, and will effectively communicate internally and externally.

1. Support of our Strategic Initiative and other CSIP 2021 Goals.

2. Improve “at your fingertips” access to essential district, school, and teacher information.


Our Vision

- To be the best model of student success whose graduates are prepared to excel in a complex world.

Our Motto

Every student, every day.

Key Stakeholders

- We have identified our key stakeholders as students, team members, families, and community. We will set goals to address the needs of our stakeholder groups.

Our Core Beliefs

  1. A meaningful education can be achieved for all students.
  2. All students belong in an environment where the overall culture and climate are collaborative, safe, and inclusive.
  3. Creative and innovative educational opportunities are necessary to prepare students for their future.
  4. Developing the skills of our team members will have a positive impact on student success.
  5. Open and honest communication promotes student achievement and community pride.
  6. Having families and the community engaged with our schools makes us more effective.

Our Commitments

  1. We are committed to preparing students for their future.
  2. We are committed to celebrating individual student success.
  3. We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for students.
  4. We are committed to providing a strong sense of belonging for students, families, community, and team members.
  5. We are committed to the highest standards of professional development to grow our team members.
  6. We are committed to communication that is open, honest, and frequent.

Desired behaviors and attitudes

Internal Audiences

  • Take ownership in the direction of the district and keep informed on key issues. 
  • Show mutual respect, trust, understanding, and value all roles within the organization.
  • Work as a high-performing organization whose team members respect and value feedback from other stakeholder groups.
  • Exhibit district values of integrity, respect, self-discipline, responsibility, citizenship, and leadership.

 External Audiences

  • Exhibit community pride and trust in schools and the school district.
  • Feel involved and engaged in public schools.
  • Recommend Grain Valley Schools to others.
  • Support of our school district.


Community Relations - Investing in community relations results in increased public support and understanding of the District.

Media Relations - Through media relations, we will increase the positive stories in the media, showcase student achievement, and help the district communicate with target audiences about the goals of our CSIP.

Communications Consulting - Communications consulting supports our schools and departments in developing and maintaining strong relationships with students,team members, families, and the community.  Providing high-level, strategic counsel to the Board of Education, Superintendent, and Administrative Leadership Team will improve individual and school performance in the areas of communication and public relations.

Research and Development - Engaging in research and development allows the District to identify the views and values of key stakeholder groups and to design effective communication programs and activities accordingly.

Communications Training - Conducting communications training enables team members to understand their role as District ambassadors.

Key Stakeholder Engagement - By engaging our key stakeholder groups, we empower them to take ownership in our schools and District.

Crisis Communication - Crisis communication promotes the desired response in the event of a crisis, mitigates negative impacts in the community, and encourages fair and objective media coverage.


  • Counsel school, department, and District leaders, as well as school board members and other team members in crisis communication.
  • Provide timely, accurate information to internal and external audiences. 
  • Work closely with the media to provide accurate, timely information to regional audiences.


  • Provide crisis management training.
  • Provide crisis communication training.
  • Be onsite and provide central support in emergencies.
  • Provide immediate and ongoing counsel to principals, area administrators, and other key staff.
  • Develop crisis communication plans specific to each major incident to include goals and key messages.
  • Provide written materials, including talking points, fact sheets, and letters for schools to use in emergencies.
  • Provide voice mail, text messages, and e-mail messages.
  • Serve as District spokesperson with the media. Designate a secondary written communicator and a secondary oral communicator.

Student and Team Member Relations and Engagement - Student and team member relations increases ownership in the district, builds trust, creates goodwill ambassadors and fosters a positive environment for teaching and learning. 


  • Expand distribution of information to students and team members.
  • Expand opportunities for students and team members to have input in decisions that affect them.
  • Increase recognition of students and team members, internally and externally, for their accomplishments.
  • Improve internal morale and trust in the district.
  • Increase team members' awareness of their role as ambassadors for the district.


  • Staff and student forums and dialogue sessions.
  • Board of Education/Superintendent listening sessions.
  • Presentations/speaker’s bureau.
  • Legislative forums.
  • Focus groups and study circles.
  • Staff orientation and professional development.
  • Communication training.
  • Recognition programs.
  • Special events.
  • Surveys.
  • Electronic discussion groups, list serves, broadcast e-mail, voice mail, and web site.
  • Cable television programs.
  • Publications.
  • Talking points and tip sheets.


These communication vehicles are intended to engage our key stakeholders, including the general public.

Team Member Email Newsletter 

An internal email communication to all team members at least twice per month. These notices include links to additional information and resources and include monthly Board Meeting in Review, messages highlighting the actions taken by the Board of Education each month. Built-in analytics allow us to monitor the types of stories that matter most to our team members.

Community Email Newsletter

An external email communication to all families at least once per month that includes accomplishments of students and team members, as well as highlight any challenges or news that may be of interest to families. These notices include survey questions and links to additional information and resources. Built-in analytics allow us to monitor the types of stories that matter most to our team members. All team members will also receive Community Email Newsletter messages.

Eagle's View Magazine

Eagle’s View is a magazine produced to highlight the accomplishments of students and team members of the school district. The magazine is published three times each year and mailed to all residential and business mailing addresses within the school district. The circulation includes roughly 8,000 households and businesses within the school district.

Social Media 

Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be utilized to communicate with particular stakeholders who may use these communication applications.

Community Group Engagement

The deputy superintendent of student and community services will engage community organizations to maintain positive community relations. Maintaining these relationships fosters growth and support for the school district.
  • Grain Valley Partnership (Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development)

  • Grain Valley Senior Citizens’ Luncheon

  • Bright Futures Grain Valley

  • Grain Valley Education Foundation Board

  • Grain Valley Assistance Council

  • Key Stakeholder Planning Committee

  • Realtors’ Boards


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